Monday, December 19, 2011

Victory Defamed!

By now I am sure you are all sick of hearing my rants about my infamous Christmas tree skirt. I know, you all thought you hard heard the end of it when I triumphantly announced its completion and celebrated by dancing around my tree in a druid-like ceremony.

Well, after a lovely night out with my fiancee on Saturday I was looking forward to nothing other than sleeping in on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, Pickle, my five year old Maine Coon cat, had other plans. At around 7:15 am yesterday morning I awoke to the dulcet tones of a cat choking up a hairball. "How lovely," I thought as I rushed out of bed to clean up the mess.

And of course, as I sprung from the bedroom I realized that Pickle is, of course, nestled on the tree skirt proceeding to cough/throw up a nice chunky hairball. Even with my quick reaction and tremendous speed I did not head him off at the pass.

So, after two years of hard work and sweat, my Christmas tree skirt lasted a full six days before being defiled by cat vomit. I cleaned it up, but let's say that panel might not ever be the same.

Happy Holidays!
Broke Knitter

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Race Against the Clock

It's already December 14th! How did this happen already?

Much to my surprise, the Christmas holiday is upon us. And with only 11 days left until Jesus' birthday, I am starting to get a bit panicky. How did I manage to not finish my hand made presents?! Much like last year, I am caught off guard!


This weekend I will finish the hat for my little sister (hopefully, although the pattern is a bit cryptic). The hat and scarf for my soon-to-be mother-in-law will just have to wait a little longer and become, perhaps, a winter gift. A "hey I was thinking about you in the cold this new year" type of gift. Thoughts?

Panicky, and Even More Broke due to Christmas, Knitter

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


What a wonderful thing it is to finish a project that has been haunting you for weeks, months, or even years. Yesterday I finally finished a project that has been haunting me since September 2010. The dang tree skirt. The tree skirt is finally completely finished and sewn together waiting for tomorrow night's special occasion "date-night" of putting up the tree and decorations.

I look forward to putting up the Christmas tree every year. Nothing makes me happier than looking at my favorite ornaments and celebrating the new life Randy and I have begun together.


Does anybody else have projects that are haunting them? Let me know! POST!

Until Next Time,
The Christmas Elf - Broke Knitter

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bust Into the Stash

Charity knitting is the BEST way to make a dent in your leftover stash!

Meet my new motto! Through this Knitting for a Cause group at the college where I work I have been able to make a MONSTROUS dent in all that leftover 1/2 or 1/3 balls of yarn cluttering up my stash. I have greatly enjoyed doing little baby hats, blankets, children hats, etc. By doing these quick and easy projects I am so motivated and inspired to blow through some of that stash yarn that Randy insists is "cluttering" up our apartment. I think the cluttered yarn adds some character.

Until Next Time,
Broke Knitter