Monday, December 19, 2011

Victory Defamed!

By now I am sure you are all sick of hearing my rants about my infamous Christmas tree skirt. I know, you all thought you hard heard the end of it when I triumphantly announced its completion and celebrated by dancing around my tree in a druid-like ceremony.

Well, after a lovely night out with my fiancee on Saturday I was looking forward to nothing other than sleeping in on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, Pickle, my five year old Maine Coon cat, had other plans. At around 7:15 am yesterday morning I awoke to the dulcet tones of a cat choking up a hairball. "How lovely," I thought as I rushed out of bed to clean up the mess.

And of course, as I sprung from the bedroom I realized that Pickle is, of course, nestled on the tree skirt proceeding to cough/throw up a nice chunky hairball. Even with my quick reaction and tremendous speed I did not head him off at the pass.

So, after two years of hard work and sweat, my Christmas tree skirt lasted a full six days before being defiled by cat vomit. I cleaned it up, but let's say that panel might not ever be the same.

Happy Holidays!
Broke Knitter

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