Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Parting the Flowing Sea

So, I feel like Moses holding back the waters of the Red Sea these days. Since the flood, I have managed to completely rip my apartment apart. Luckily our new carpet will be here Saturday and I can start putting my life back in order again.

I must say I have found new solace and serenity in my knitting. When all the world around you is chaos, and you feel like you cannot possibly make anything work out right, you must find peace in some sort of order and control. For me, picking up my knitting last night saved me from a total meltdown.

Everything in my home is a mess, things are being discovered in tatters every which way I look and I cannot seem to find anything. Abby, the puppy, makes such a mess in an already huge hoarder like environment (I'm not usually this disorganized I swear), but last night picking up my stitches brought me peace.

When everything is rocky and crazy and I don't know what to do, I now know one thing I can turn to to keep my mind at ease. I may not be a master knitter by any means, but just the fluidity and rhythm of stitching sets my mind at ease. Thank God for small comforts!

Until next time...
Broke Knitter

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