Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celebs Do It Too!

One thing I have been fascinated with, especially living in the Big Apple, is the resurgence of knitting among younger people and celebrities. It has become posh to be seen knitting here in New York City. During "Knit in Public Week" you could see people EVERYWHERE in the city knitting. And these weren't your stereotypical grandmothers or cat ladies either.

I have been fascinated with the idea of celebrities knitting. Apparently it is a hot thing for actors to while waiting on set (maybe it's to keep their mind off those cigarettes they are trying to kick). Perhaps one of the most popularly known knitting celebrities is Sarah Jessica Parker.
Sarah Jessica Parker
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But the "Sex and the City" star is not the only one known to be knitting in the city. Julia Roberts has become quite the spokesperson for knitting. Why, even Russell Crowe is rumored to be a knitter!

Knitting has come back in full swing. Do you have any favorite celebrities who happen to knit? Leave me a comment of your favorite celebrity knitter and I'll put together a post full of their pictures!

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