Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Needing Inspiration

I am sorry once again for my absence. I am sure that you are all shocked to hear that work has been a whirlwind these past few weeks. I have never seen people so emotional and at the breaking point like I have here lately.

Anyways, during this crazy time I must admit I have done zero knitting. With the craziness around me I cannot seem to find even 20 minutes to settle down, relax and zip up a few rows. I know that some knitting time would probably serve as a great relaxation but with 3-4 projects JUST about finished I feel the pressure to finish them up. And pressure is something I certainly don't need right now!

That's why I turn to you readers and fellow knitters. I need some inspiring words. Some inspiration to pick up some needles and maybe brew a cup of tea......


Broke Knitter


  1. No pressure here about finishing, although the feeling of gratification when a project is complete is pretty awesome. And even better, when it's finished, you can start the next cool thing you can't wait to knit!

  2. I know the feeling of too many projects going at once. Pick the easiest one to finish first since you are so stressed at work. You will feel better getting things out of your stash.