Thursday, August 25, 2011


I am about to say something I never ever imagined I would say - we had our first knitting induced injury last night. Let me preface this story by saying that its not really my fault! Living in a small apartment in NYC, Randy and I (along with Pickle, our cat, and Abby, our dog) are usually crammed pretty close together when we hang out around the house.

So last night I got out my Christmas tree skirt (yes the dang haunting tree skirt) and started to work on another panel. As loving and adorable as our terrier Abby may be, when Randy and I sit together on the couch she HAS to sit in the middle of us and stay the center of attention. So there we are all squeezed together and Abby decides its a great idea to chew on the end of one of Mom's knitting needles - a big big No No!

Randy and I pushed her off the couch and I scolded her for chewing on my needles and gave her one of her toys to play with. Well, Abby was not a happy camper. She decided it was time to start jumping all over the place as Randy and I are frantically trying to get her to behave. During this whole scene of us jumping around we wind up completely tangled in my ball of yarn and before I know it I hear a very loud "Ouch!" Yes, you guessed it, I had "stabbed" Randy with a knitting needle.

Poor Randy wound up with quite a good solid poke and he actually has a nice little bruise on his tummy. As hard as I tried not to laugh, I couldn't help it. It was like a scene from "Marley and Me." Here we are all tangled up and poking each other while the dog prances around the house.

Does anybody else have good knitting injury stories? If so, please share!
Broke Knitter

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