Friday, August 19, 2011

Renewed Spirits

Bronchitis stinks! But having two full days laying around feeling crummy does wonders for the UFO pile! Over the past few days I have been very under the weather and bored out of my mind. So, being the good doobie that I am (and honestly, feeling a little guilty every time I stared at the UFOs), I picked up some objects from the UFO pile and got to work.

Shockingly enough, I finished almost all my outstanding projects! YAY FOR ME! Wow, that accomplishment made me feel so much better! I now have empty space in my knitting cupboard and I am so excited to get started on the next big projects.

I am not the fastest knitter around, so I think it is time to start some Christmas present projects. I think a present for Ellen is the place to start!

Does anybody else have good ideas for Christmas present projects?

Broke Knitter!

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