Friday, November 9, 2012

Handmade Presents for Everyone

I cannot believe it is almost the holidays again! I am telling you, once you are out of school I think the years just fly by. When there is no major separation between the years it is scary how quickly they fly!

As the holidays approach I know that many of us will be invited to TONS of holiday gatherings, gift exchanges and open houses. What can you do to make cute holiday gifts without breaking the bank? Well, here is my list of cute, quick, and easy knitting hostess-style gifts for the holiday season:

Made by Broke Knitter
The Wine Bottle Hat and Scarf
This quick and easy little hat and scarf makes your bottle of wine really stand out at a party. It is really cute and people love them because they can re-gift it on another bottle! And if you are not already sold on this idea, you can use stash and scrap yarn for these! I have used all my odds and ends to make these little guys.  Click here to view the free pattern for download on Ravelry courtesy of Sara Neff.

Christmas Tree Ornaments
Pattern courtesy of Red Heart
Pattern courtesy of Andrea Kopacek
Little Christmas tree ornaments also make wonderful gifts. It is personal and something that will last for years to come. Again, use your scrap and stash yarn to make these projects a win-win! There are many different kinds of ornaments you can make. I have shown a few different styles here along with the links to the free pattern downloads on Ravelry.

Coffee Cup Sleeve
Made by Broke Knitter  
How many of us use those little cardboard coffee cup sleeves that every coffee cart and shop gives away. And most of us wind up throwing those away after we get our caffeine fix. This is a great gift for anybody "green." It is also a nice way to warm your hands against your coffee when it is cold outside. Here is a cute little handmade coffee cup sleeve that you can make, again, using your scrap yarn! Click here to view the free pattern for download on Ravelry courtesy of MissKnittyPants.

Good luck with all of your holiday knitting!

Until Next Time,
Broke Knitter

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