Thursday, November 8, 2012

Storm Round 2

As if New York hadn't taken enough of a beating from Hurricane Sandy, we have now been subjected to Nor'Easter Athena. When did we start naming snowstorms?

Transit is still an absolute disaster here in the Big Apple and Randy has been working from home for two weeks now. It took me several hours to get home last night amidst the snow and winds and several hours again this morning to get into work. Let me tell you, I cannot wait until the transportation system gets back to normal!

On a high note, the wintery wonderland yesterday prompted me to pull out my winter items and I wore my newly-completed Crazy Cobra Cable Hat ( and some wonderful mittens. I was very happy to have my warm and homemade items in the crazy snowstorm yesterday. I feel that the cold weather has really re-inspired me to get knitting!

Until Next Time,
Stranded on the Subway,
Broke Knitter

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