Monday, January 24, 2011

How Vogue Knitting Live Changed my Life!

Hello Readers,
For all those of you who joined me and the approximately 3,000 others at Vogue Knitting Live here in NYC last weekend - FABULOUS! For those of you who didn't, you missed out!

Vogue Knitting Live's inaugural event was absolutely life changing. Yes, okay, it was my first ever knitting conference but hey, I was very excited. For an inaugural event, I thought it went pretty dang well.

Here are my quick thoughts on the conference.
1. The marketplace needs better lighting next year - some of the booths were so dark I am sure it altered their business.
2. There needs to be more lounge areas where we can congregate, make friends and knit.

I took several classes and was even able to mingle with some of the famed Knitteratti!

Jill Eaton's "Elf Cap Workshop" was adorable. I love the cute little hat it knits up to be. I found that by using a regular chunky weight yarn of my own held sinigle strand the hat was a much more "baby" like size. Some of my classmates who used the Jill Eaton MinnowMerino held double strand wound up with massive baby hats.

I also took "Colorful Cables" with Melissa Leapman. Oh Melissa Leapman, how I love you, let me count the ways! Melissa was not only fun and entertaining, she was also extremely instructional and more than willing to give personal attention to the more than 30 people in the class. She does the most amazing color work and I really enjoyed learning with her. Anyone who ever has the chance to speak with her is lucky! After class I spend several minutes speaking with her about how much I enjoyed her class. She was so sweet and really seems to enjoy the personal aspect of teaching. I felt like she really wanted me to succeed! She even went to far as to extend an invitation for lots of future conversations. YIPEE!

Class 3 - "Introduction to Lace Knitting" with Brooke Nico. Brooke was such an interesting person. I was so amazed by her history. She used to make stage clothes for punk rock bands. How cool is that?! Brooke fascinates me. She has only been knitting for 8 years and is already an unbelievable designer. Check out this edition of Debbie Bliss magazine - she has the most beautiful design on the cover!

Carol Sulcoski's "Yarn Substitution Made Simple" was a great lecture class. For anyone who ever struggles to substitute a yarn from what the pattern calls for, this is what you need. Carol was fabulous! She is really really funny and I loved her down to earth attitude. I wasn't afraid to talk about budgetary constraints for the first time all weekend (which we know for a lot of us is majorly important when picking a project).

Okay, so that is enough for now. I am sure I will be back tomorrow raving about more from the conference. Check back tomorrow to hear my thoughts on
1. Lectures
2. Meals and Events
and of course what everyone is really there for....
3. Marketplace

Until Next Time...
Now Even More Broke but Ecstatic
Broke Knitter

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