Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vogue Knitting Live Take 3

I am sorry to be posting so late in the day, but today's SUPER EXCITING SNOW DAY has thrown me off my course. Anyways, I am here to finally report on things that you have so anxiously been awaiting. So, Vogue Knitting Live Take 3 = Meal Times and Events...

Friday night there was a cocktail reception. The Hilton has the most beautiful ball rooms. It was a great experience. It was nice that there were 3 separate bars. My mother and I wandered for a few trying to mingle with the knitting elite. It was super exciting to be waiting in line behind Debbie Macomber. So I introduced myself, and she was just so sweet! One thing that really fascinated me about the whole Vogue Knitting Live event was how the teachers/lecturers/kniteratti just wandered amongst us "normies." It was such a nice experience to realize how down to earth and passionate so many of these designers are. I really enjoyed it.

Saturday night's Gala dinner turned out to be an event. I sat down at the table and poured myself a glass of (thank god) white wine. Now, I was wearing a very cute outfit that I had planned on wearing to work on Monday morning. Well, I had barely placed my glass of wine on the table when the waiter came over and knocked it over ALLLLLLLLL over me. GREAT! To make matters worse, the waiter was rude and so to was the Hilton staff. The Vogue Knitting Live staff members were wonderful and very accommodating, but needless to say, I wrote the Hilton a rather heated complaint. I understand that accidents happen, trust me, it could happen to anyone, but the hotel was so rude to me when I asked for help getting my clothing laundered it just crushed my Saturday night spirit.

The rest of the meal on Saturday was wonderful and I enjoyed the Summer issue of Vogue Knitting preview. I ESPECIALLY cannot wait to see how the "touched up" photos of the models in bikinis look when the magazine comes out.

Anyone have any comments on the two events? Sorry I was kind of blunt, but Saturday's mishap really killed the mealtime experiences for me.

Until Next Time..
Broke Knitter

P.S. I PROMISE to talk tomorrow about what everyone wants to talk about - the rising credit card debt that is also known as the Marketplace

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