Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mysterious Disappearance

So sorry I have been gone for so long! I don't know how the last 6 weeks have gotten away from me. I certainly apologize! Now I am going to have to fill you in on all the gossip and mayhem since last I posted.

Still broke....Still in NYC!
Of course, not much has changed on that front. Working a full time job after a promotion = lots and lots of extra work. But it's great to finally be moving my way up that ladder! I couldn't be happier at my job.

The big excitement now is, of course, the upcoming Vogue Knitting Live conference in about 10 days. I am SUPER PSYCHED! It's a Mom and Me Weekend. I feel very fortunate to be able to spend three full days in knitting bliss with my mother. It's a very special ritual and a right of passage in my family. I only wish my Grammy could have been here to share it with us. I know that she is proud of us both!

Any thoughts on the upcoming conference? Please post!

Until Next Time
Broke Knitter

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