Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Broke Knitter's Big News!

I must apologize to my readers for not getting back to blogging sooner but I have been slammed lately. But, unlike most of my other blogging absences, this is for reasons much more fun and exciting.

I AM ENGAGED! Yes, finally, after six wonderful years Randy got up the nerve to propose on our anniversary trip to Walt Disney World. It was wonderfully romantic and perfectly sweet.

My Beautiful Engagement Ring
The Leo Diamond from Kay Jewelers

Now the real fun begins! Wedding plans are, of course, coming very slowly and bit stressful but I know that everything will be spectacular and beautiful. We are planning our big day for Boston, MA where I originally grew up. It will be a huge extravaganza and I cannot wait to see so many of my family and friends together in one place!

Anyways, I am now getting super excited for Vogue Knitting Live weekend! It will be marvelous to once again share the experience with my mother as well as our very good friend Diane (who will just be recovering from surgery). I hope we can find some retail therapy to help Diane feel better!

Until Next Time,
Broke - but Diamond-studded - Knitter

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