Thursday, November 17, 2011

NYC Manners

One thing that I find very interesting about New York City is every individuals ability to ignore their surroundings and  phase out everything around. I guess with all the crazy homeless people yelling at people (or themselves) on subway platform or loud vocal fights on subway cars you have to tune it out. This phenomenon really seems to dissolve, however, when I take out my knitting on the bus or subway. People all around start to stare and many times people ask what I am making, how I learned to knit, etc.

Today, however, I encountered a "stranger-danger" knitting related experience unlike anything ever before. While standing on the subway platform waiting for the E train a woman came up next to me and proceeded to stare at my moving fingers. That was not surprising on its own, but she then started with this, "You know, you're not doing it right."

I was shocked. While I know that there are many different styles of knitting and that everyone kind of looks a bit different while doing it, I was SHOCKED! But the story doesn't end there. She then sidled up RIGHT next to me and insisted on showing me the "right way" to knit. I could not believe it!

You would have been so proud of me too! I didn't come back with a nasty comment or rude gesture, I just thanked the woman for her interest and declined her offer. Moving away slowly I could feel the daggers she was staring in my back. It was the first time on a New York City subway platform that I was actually worried about being attacked.

Weird dude, weird!

Until Next Time,
Broke Knitter

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