Friday, January 20, 2012

Adding to My Learning Library

As promised, today I will talk a bit about my classroom experiences. This year I REALLY enjoyed all of my classes. I think I did a good job with my choices.

1. Yarn 101 with Clara Parkes
I decided to take this class because I thought an exploration into fiber would be an interesting experience. And honestly, who better to learn about fiber (esp wool) from than Clara! Clara was wonderful! I really enjoyed how she broke it down to molecular and chemical levels. It made me really understand why certain fibers can act so different. My favorite part of the class was that she actually gave us small samples of each fiber to tape down so we could really feel and experience the differences.

My Entrelac Fingerless Gloves

2. Entrelac with Rosemary Drysdale
The idea of taking this class made me very anxious leading up to the classroom. Entrelac always looked so intricate and complicated. Needless to say, I was worried the class would be too advanced. However, I was VERY pleasantly surprised! Entrelac is actually really easy once you figure out the pattern. I loved the swatch I made in class so much that I actually sewed it into a little fingerless glove and made a second!

3. Celtic Cables with Melissa Leapman
Going into the weekend, I was most excited about taking a second class with Melissa Leapman. Last winter I took Melissa's Celtic Cables class and fell even more in love with cables. Well, let's just say that this class did not disappoint! Melissa is such a down to earth and inspiring woman. I love when she talks about designing and breaking down a cable pattern. She makes it seem so easy!!!

4. I Need a Pick Me Up with John Brinegar
To be honest, I did not know what to expect from this class. Advertised as a class about correctly and neatly picking up stitches I figured I would really benefit from perfecting this technique. I HATE picking up stitches and I always screw it up. John Brinegar is definitely not what anyone would expect from a knitting teacher, but he is an AMAZING teacher! It was an 8am Monday morning class, so John brought the whole class coffee as a "pick-me-up" (haha great pun John!!). He is so encouraging and extremely patient. He kept saying throughout the class "It's just yarn ladies" every time someone was getting nervous or stressed out. As I worked on my second entrelac glove after class on Monday I kept reminding myself of John's mantra when picking up stitches became scary - "Are we drinking our wine? Our our shoulders relaxed?"

All in all the classes really re inspired me to get knitting. I must admit I did pick up a new project on Tuesday and finish the entire thing I was feeling so inspired. Thank you again to all the wonderful teachers who were so patient and helpful. Next year I think I am going to challenge myself a bit more in the classroom.

Next topic - MARKETPLACE!

Give me your thoughts on your classes!!

Broke Knitter

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