Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2012 - The Aftermath

I cannot believe Vogue Knitting Live 2012 has already come and gone! And wow, what a whirlwind. I hope you haven't been too anxious to read my thoughts to the weekend. I have needed the past few days to unwind (haha...what a pun) and sleep after such a boisterous weekend.

Today I wanted to talk a bit about the "extra" events put on by Vogue knitting during the weekend.

Unfortunately, I did not have much time for the extra fashion shows, book signings, and demonstrations since I was in classes and lectures the majority of the weekend. However, I want to bring this point to light. I remember feeling bummed that I had missed many of these things last year but chalked it up to spending time with my little sister who had joined us for the NYC lifestyle but not the conference. This year, however, it was just myself, my mother and our friend, Diane. We were all very actively engaged in classes and we missed these shows. Why does VKL keep putting all these marketplace "extras" during the class time. Are these things designed purely for knitters just visiting the marketplace? I am not sure, but I am rather bummed that I experienced the same disappointment two years in a row.

The other two big extras for the weekend were Saturday night's Gala dinner and Sunday evening's cocktail reception. I had mixed opinions on these two events.

The food at Saturday night's Gala dinner was excellent. I greatly enjoyed the new format to the evening where you requested a certain member of the "Kniteratti" to sit with at their table. I sat with Barry Klein, of Trendsetter Yarns, and had a WONDERFUL time. Barry was so much fun and I really hope that perhaps I can join him one day for one of his infamous knitting cruises. However, I think this is where the good things ended. We were very fortunate to have Alice Starmore join us for a speech about her inspirations and past. Alice has the most beautiful and lovely voice it was wonderful to listen to, however she spoke for far too long. It's hard to listen to anyone speak for an hour! By the time her lecture was over I was ready to tuck in for the evening. I did stay for the fashion show though and was delighted to see so many of the great products. In my opinion, Alice should have had her own day-time lecture slot and Vogue should have stuck with just the fashion show for the evening's entertainment.

On Sunday night we were all bused downtown for a cocktail reception at Tribeca 360. I had differing thoughts on this event as well. I liked having the reception on the second night (rather than the first night as was last year's schedule). I think by the second night people are much more friendly and excited to talk to one another. I enjoyed mingling with new friends all evening. Tribeca 360 was BEAUTIFUL and the open bar and food was fantastic (I especially loved the mini-sliders!). However, having to be bused ALL THE WAY downtown and back was a bit exhausting. While the choice of venue was fabulous it was a very big pain to have to travel so much. I understand that the Hilton was engaged with a mega-wedding that evening but I would have appreciated a venue a bit closer to the Hilton.

Anyways, tomorrow I will return to tell you all about my fabulous classes. Please let me know your thoughts on the extras included at Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2012.

Until Next Time,
Buried under all my new projects,
Broke Knitter

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