Monday, May 14, 2012

Out of Town/Out of Place Fan

One thing you probably do not know about Broke Knitter, but she is a HUGE sports fan. Growing up in Boston, especially with a sports-crazed father like mine, I had no chance of escaping uninhibited by the world of sports.

As most of you probably know, New York is in full sports fever these days. Ever since (GRRR) the Giants Superbowl win, the Knicks in the playoffs and now the Rangers in the Stanley Cup Eastern Finals, New York fans are crazier than ever.

While I promise that Boston will always been where my roots lie, it has been fun getting caught up in some exciting sports atmospheres.

Exciting news, Julie and Randy are going to tonight's Rangers vs. Devils Game 1 at Madison Square Garden! We got a great deal on a pair of tickets in nosebleed central, but Randy is jumping for joy!

Broke Knitter is going to try to duck out of here a few minutes early today to pick up Randy some new Ranger gear. Who is the best fiancee ever!

Until Next Time,
Here we go Rangers....
Broke Knitter

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