Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some P's and Q's

In all of my crazy running around the last few weeks I must admit my stash has felt very neglected. With the exception of my cat, Pickle, sneaking into the stash closet to nuzzle up in a cozy corner atop my most luxurious and expensive items (which he always seems to find no matter how deeply I think I bury them), I do not believe my stash closet has been opened for some time.

So, I was not surprised that I felt like Indiana Jones unlocking a crypt last night when I finally got up the courage to rearrange my stash closet. I swear a burst of dust came flying out and there were cobwebs. Okay, so it was nowhere near that bad but once I opened my closet I realized what I was getting myself into. BIG MISTAKE! It seems as though I am the kind of person that can never finish a project that I start. I work on something for a while and I get distracted. Well, I organized my UFOs and then rearranged my stash yarn.

The most exciting re-discovery were all of the knitting books shoved in the back of my closet. I took out all my books to see if there were any hidden or long-forgotten gems. I had A BLAST flipping through all my books! I made some tea and sat in peace and quiet reading and reading.

After a very hectic week there was no better feeling in the world than refocusing myself and organizing my knitting. So often I get caught up in the projects that I forget the complete escape that knitting can offer. Thank you Meggles for inspiring me to reground myself. Now...Needles Away!

Until Next Time,
Broke Knitter

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