Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So it has officially happened - knitting has not only penetrated my day to day activities, but my nighttime ones as well. (Oh wow, that sounded kind of sexy, but no that's not where this is going I can assure you.)

Last night I had a horrible time sleeping. I guess it was the stress after a 14 hour work day, but I digress. I finally drifted off to a peaceful sleep in which I had a wonderful dream that I was lounging on the beach with a Corona in one hand and my needles in the other. I took a nice long sip from my beer, lay back in my sun chair and began to knit. However, this is where it all went wrong. For some reason, every time I knit a stitch it just didn't do anything. I continued and continued trying, but no matter how slowly and carefully I would knit each stitch,  nothing came of it.

I thought this quite a weird nightmare. Anyone agree? Any dream analyzers that can tell me what this means?

Restless Broke Knitter

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