Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Spring That Never Was

So it's time that people in NYC started asking, "Where the heck is Springtime?" It's March already! Shouldn't we be getting a teeny tiny respite from this frigid weather? This morning I came to work in matching ensemble knitted hat, scarf and mittens. I must say, I did look like quite the put-together young lady.

I know that winter affords the ability to wear many a hand-made item. However, I think it is time for some warmth. Is 50 degrees asking too much? Help me out here Mr. Sunshine. I thought Mr. Groundhog said it was time for some warmth.

For giggles, here is how ridiculous the cold is...This is a photo I took when visiting my parents house this winter. Check out our "hidden key" on the front porch.

Until Next Time...
Huddled for Warmth
Broke Knitter

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