Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet Victory

Sweet Victory! I have done it. I have finished up my odds and ends! NO MORE UFO'S IN THIS LADY'S HOUSE! Who is surprised (and quite frankly, Mom, if you don't post here about this I might die of shock).

Seriously though, I am having such a moment of pride I can barely contain myself. This weekend I sat myself down and I said to myself, "Self, you can do it. Get rid of these last few projects you don't want to finish up."

I don't know why, but lately I have been having a bit of knitting ADD. I was so excited about all of my purchases at Vogue Knitting Live I just wanted to get going on everything! So, of course, I was a bit over my head and over zealous.

Thus the big basket of UFO's sitting in my and Randy's 1 bedroom apartment. But God bless his soul for not freaking out about the barrels of balls.

Please check out my Ravelry page (YoungPadawan) and check out how those last few items finished up. I still have a few new things to start, but I am so excited and feeling so accomplished.

Special thanks to Nicky Epstein. I LOVE her Fascinating Belle Epoque Shrug. I am actually wearing it proudly at my office today. Nothing makes a statement like red!

Until Next Time,
Broke Knitter

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