Thursday, May 5, 2011

Christmas Comes Early

This year I have decided to be proactive. Who do I need to give presents to next Christmas time. Those of you who know me would say I am organized (some would even say uptight, anal or obsessive) so I made a list. There are a lot of people! Anyways I am going to get ahead of the curve and start thinking of who I would like to make gifts for this coming Christmas time.
Courtesy of KnitPicks

I know I am going to make this simple hat and scarf set from Melissa Leapman's "Cables Untangled" for Randy's mother. I am going to start looking for yarn for this project. In the version of the book I have I like the photo much better because the model has a really pretty pink version. Any suggestions?

Courtesy of Blackhorsefree's Ravelry

I am going to make the Irish Hiking Hat and scarf set  for Randy's father. I am thinking of doing this in a nice Kelly or forest green color. Any suggestions?

Other than that I am getting my list together. This dang tree skit will be beautifully adorning my tree come November and I will have a plethora of handmade (not homemade!) items at my disposal. I am very proud of myself. Who wants to jump on the train to the North Pole early this year?

Broke, but encouraged, Knitter

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