Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spending the Whole Day Dreaming...

Again, I apologize for my brief absence. Work is not so good. Every night I schlep myself home an hour and a half barely dragging. Work has been not good. It is really wearing down on me. I am trying to stay upbeat and positive, but it has not been working so well lately.

It is during weeks like these that I find myself imagining myself in a the corner of my dream knitting shop. You know when you get aggravated and we are told to "find out center," well my center is in a nice rocking chair in the corner of a bustling knitting shop. I don't care if that makes me the oldest 24 year old on the planet.

I have noticed there are many knitting shops in NYC. Some of them are wonderful, others...not so much. I wont name any names, but I have to say that I think NYC could use more comfy cozy knitting stores. Any other thoughts?

Until Next Time,
Broke Knitter

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