Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vogue Knitting Live...The Follow-Up

In all the hulla-balloo related to January's Vogue Knitting Live event I found myself constantly caught up in the drama and excitement of a large scale knitting conference. True, as a virgin in the ways of the Kniteratti, I was in a little over my head. Now that a few months have passed I have been able to digest all that I learned, bought (a.k.a. charged to my credit cards) and cherished.

I realized that I learned a lot more than I had even realized during the weekend. I realized the skills I picked up, especially from my "Intro to Lace Knitting" class with Brooke Nico includes skills I am using every day. That class taught me to challenge myself. I learned that lace isn't as scary as I thought it would be and I am so happy about the lace project I purchased. My fingerless gloves and scarf are coming along beautifully (I will post pics here soon I promise!).

I also realized that while all the yarn and patterns I bought were great, I think my best purchase was "Continuous Cables" by Melissa Leapman. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am OBSESSED with cables. It is wonderful to pick up this book at any time and try out the plethora of cable pattern squares in the back of the book. With this I can make little washcloths to test out the look of the cable or I can incorporate it into anything I am currently working on. While I haven't been bold enough yet to try out incorporation I do now have a couple of pretty cute washcloths. This book was a great purchase. Melissa was truly an inspiration and an AMAZING teacher. I hope she comes next year!

I cannot even describe to you how useful my "Yarn Substitution Made Easy" class has been. I remember when I first signed up for the class I kind of used it as a filler for my package. When I told my mother about the class she was so excited for me and I couldn't understand why. Now I know! This process, while now becoming much more simple and more second hand to me, was a NIGHTMARE before this seminar.

I guess the things that most excited me have started to wear away. The glitz and glam has finally settled but instead of feeling let down or less excited I think I am more so. My skills have definitely grown by leaps and bounds and I am now very anxiously awaiting next year's NYC Vogue Knitting Live. I know I will be stalking the website waiting for class postings and perhaps you might even see me sitting outside the Hilton.

Anyone else starting to get excited? I would love to hear about any other great conferences and festivals that people have gone to. Any suggestions?

Until Next Time,
Broke Knitter

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  1. I can't wait for VK Live. I had a great time with you last year. I don't think TKGA ia what it use to be but Stitches is fun.