Friday, October 19, 2012

A Moment of Tribute

Dear Readers,
Yesterday would have been the 81st birthday of my grandmother, Anne Robinson. Anne was the strongest, most passionate, and inspiring woman I have ever met. Anne passed away in November of 2009. She took wonderful care of her husband, children, and 10 grandchildren. She was an avid teacher and, more than anything, a devoted knitter.

My grandmother picked up knitting when she decided to quit smoking in the 1960s. She very quickly went from knitting newbie to, what I refer to, as the knitting Yoda.

Anne shared her passion for knitting with everyone she met. It was hard to find a day where she wasn't dressed in some piece of knitted apparel (along with her many many jewels she received from my adoring grandfather). I remember when she taught me to knit. She first got me going when my mother was pregnant with my little sister. I was more interested in spending time with Grammy than I was in learning knitting.

My grandmother passed along her passion for knitting to my mother, who passed it along to me. It is a wonderful way to tie multiple generations together and something that makes me feel closer to my family history.

I know I am a day late on this little tribute, but October 18th is a special day in my family. So, I would like to take a pause and remember a wonderful woman. It is even truer as I plan for my upcoming wedding, but I do not go a single day without thinking of you.

With Love and Respect,
Broke Knitter

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