Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Movin' On Up

Randy and I are beginning to look at new apartments and hope to move to the island of Manhattan from Queens sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last night we went to view our first apartment. It was a huge let down, and we don't need to go into why, but last night something horrendous dawned on me - I will not be able to bring my knitting stash closet along to our new place!

At our very large place in Queens, I have a whole closet full of stash yarn, knitting books, and other knitting paraphernalia. With the size of these NYC apartments, I think that it is out of the question whether it can come with us or not. While I am mourning that it will have to be moved I am also going to start buttering up to the Mama Bear - maybe she can hold on to some of it for me at the "Casa di ma Padre!."

Until Next Time,
Losing her stash,
Broke Knitter

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