Tuesday, February 15, 2011


When the world gets really busy and I don't know how to handle another minute in my office I think about my dream. In my ideal dream I have the cutest sweetest yarn shop. I haven't decided if I am in the city yet or not, but here are some things that my ideal shop would have...

1. A BIG area in one corner for at least two large class tables. This way there is plenty of room for knitters who are taking classes.
2. A few nicely dispersed couches and armchairs for those who like to spend time relaxing and knitting with me and my fellow employees.
3. A "yarn tasting" area. (Okay, so I stole this from one of the booths at Vogue Knitting Live but I LOVED it) In this area knitters could test out some of the new yarns I have just brought into the store. Do they like knitting with it? Is it something they could use for their next project?
4. A bragging area. Here I would love to have two or three projects on display for 2 weeks. Customers could hang their handmade items for all the world to see and admire.
5. Lastly, I want a "bragging rights wall" that has photos of the handmade items people make for their friends/children/grandchildren etc. with a preference toward people wearing the items they were gifted.

In my ideal little shop nothing can bother me. I really don't care about being rich in this world. Money really doesn't buy you everything. I just want a quaint and comfortable yarn shop where I can spread my love for fibers with the rest of the world. Is that too much to ask?

Broke Knitter

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