Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Celebration

Love is in the Air. Cupid has shot his arrow straight into my rear end. However, this year I am not only celebrating my wonderful love for Randy, the most wonderful man in the world, but also for knitting.

My Salute to Knitting!!!!!

Knitting keeps me warm when I am cold.
Knitting keeps my hands busy so I don't eat.
Knitting gives me the ability to design, create and embellish.
Knitting allows me to be creative.
Knitting allows me to show my love in a tangible way.
Knitting allows me to keep a piece of my heritage alive.
Knitting allows me to clothe those who need clothing.
Knitting allows me to shape new ways of thinking.

This Valentine's Day salute your other loves in life. I know I certainly spoiled myself today when I finished my beautiful RED (how appropriate!) shrug from the Nicky Knits collection.

Until Next Time...
Still in Love
Broke Knitter

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