Thursday, February 3, 2011

I love babies. Who doesn't? Those cute little smiles, peach-fuzz hair..Oh they are wonderful! But seriously people, stop having them all so close together.

Over the past year my life has experienced a dramatic influx of babies. Whether it's friend, family members, family friends, you name it! So, that being said I have to admit one of my biggest pet peeves with being known as a knitter - Becoming the "gift" knitter. Everyone I know asks me, "My so-and-so just had a baby can you make me a sweater? A hat?" All that good stuff...And you know that of course they pass the gifts off as their credit to your truly!

As much as I love cute little hats and sweaters, I am very very sick of baby knits. I have now taken a stance against baby knits for the next few months. No more baby knits for six months.

Broke Knitter

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